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GYDERS (USA) company uses its own designs in manufacturing of 19” equipment for server rooms and helps companies around the world to raise effectiveness of their business


The Research&Development Department in California, USA, constantly designs new models of server equipment – telecommunication cabinets and server racks 19”

Gyders telecommunication cabinets and server racks 19”

Products of the highest standards

- GYDERS products have won appreciation of consumers in the US market
- More than 6000 GYDERS 19” telecommunication cabinets and racks have already been mounted all over the world
Companies and corporations select GYDERS products for installation in offices and processing center to increase profit
Consumers select GYDERS

As their major partner and a supplier of 19” equipment because products of the company corresponds with their wishes:
- Modern design and high mobility
- The firm welded frame made of 1.5 and 2-mm steel profile carries a load of up to 850 kg
- The unique construction allows performing quick and simple mounting by one person for 15-30 minutes
- Designed in the US.
- Cabinets and rack are delivered in parts. A delivery set consists of flat boxes
- Guarantee period is 5 years

Popular production range GYDERS

Wall telecommunication cabinets 19” 6-18U
On-floor telecommunication cabinets 22-47U
Server racks 19”
Additional 19” equipment: shelves, ventilator modules, power circuits, etc.

Unique guarantee conditions

1. Modern telecommunication cabinets and racks GYDERS are made of high-quality 2-mm steel, have excellent technical specifications. So they have five-year guarantee period.

2. Also American guarantee of money return acts for GYDERS products. So you can return or exchange any order within 30 days. Remember that money is returned immediately without giving reasons.

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