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Telecommunication wall cases
Premium Series
  • Wall case 19’ 6 units (U)
  • Case dimensions: 600x600x368 mm
  • Strong welded frame
  • Black (RAL 9005)
  • The front door – steel-framed glass
 GYDERS GDR-66060B wall 19" case 6U 
GYDERS GDR-66060B wall 19" case 6UGYDERS GDR-66060B wall 19" case 6UGYDERS GDR-66060B wall 19" case 6U
In the roof 19 of the Cabinet there is perforated to ensure free and compulsory ventilation Thickness of steel mounting profile - 1.5 mm Easily removable and easy to install solid side panels with lock cylindrical lock

GYDERS GDR-66060G Wall telecommunication case 19 6U

The wall case is designed for placement of telecommunication, electrical equipment, cross-connect equipment and other 19” standard equipment

  • Case dimensions: 600x600x368 mm (WxDxH)
  • Operating depth: 550 mm
  • Easily removable and easily mountable side panels with a cluck
  • IP30 (protection against contacts or foreign objects – 3, water intrusion protection – 0)
  • Steel thickness: mounting profile – 1.5 mm, other details – 1.2 mm

    Description of the wall case 19 6U:

  • Front door – glass steel-framed door with a lock
  • Side panels – removable, with clucks, allow easy mounting and easy access to the mounted equipment
  • Vertical slides are marked in units (U=44.45 mm) and be mounted at different depths
  • The roof has perforation to provide artificial and free ventilation
  • Mounting of two ventilators 220 V is possible
  • There are two detachable panels for cable entry in the roof and in the floor
  • Allowable maximum static load is 60 kg
  • Material of the body is steel covered with powder paint RAL 9005

    Advantages of the wall telecommunication case 6U

  • Modern design and high mobility
  • The unique construction – quick and simple assembly of the case by one person for 15 minutes
  • A firm welded framework made of 15-mm steel profile carries a load of up to 60 kg
  • A wide range of typical sizes (height is 6U-18U, depth is 450 or 600 mm)
  • Convenient cable entries at the top and bottom of the construction
  • Removable side panels allow easy mounting equipment
  • Mounting profiles are U-marked
  • The removable front door can be open both to the left and to the right sides. At customer’s option it can be made of glass of metal
  • The angle of opening the front door is 220o
  • Full set of additional equipment – shelves, sockets, blocks of ventilators
  • Designed in the US.
  • Guarantee period of 5 years

    A wide range of compatible additional equipment

  • Keyboard shelves with front and side mounting
  • Ventilators and ventilator control blocks
  • Circuit blocks with switches
  • Cable organizers Delivery set:
  • Front door – 1
  • Back panel 1
  • Side panel – 2
  • Roof – 1
  • Vertical slide – 4
  • Wiring strip – 1
  • Horizontal slide – 4
  • Welded frame – 1
  • Cabinet base – 1
  • Mounting hardware
  • Door lock

    Delivery in parts- flat carton packing
    Dimensions (m) – 0.62х0.14х0.64
    Total mass (kg) – 18
    Total volume (m3) – 0.05
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